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Selected Publications

  • Stéphane Pagès, Nicolas Chenouard, Ronan Chéreau, Vladimir Kouskoff, Frédéric Gambino, and Anthony Holtmaat
  • An increase in dendritic plateau potentials is associated with experience-dependent cortical map reorganization PNAS (2021)
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  • Aime M, Augusto E, Kouskoff V, Campelo T, Martin C, Humeau Y, Chenouard N, Gambino F
  • The integration of Gaussian noise by long-range amygdala inputs in frontal circuit promotes fear learning in mice eLife (2020)
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  • Campelo T, Augusto E, Chenouard N, de Miranda A, Kouskoff V, Camus C, Choquet D, Gambino F
  • AMPAR-Dependent Synaptic Plasticity Initiates Cortical Remapping and Adaptive Behaviors during Sensory Experience Cell Reports (2020)
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  • Gambino F, Choquet D
  • Eyes Wide Open on AMPAR Trafficking during Motor Learning Neuron (2020)

  • Augusto E, Gambino F
  • Can NMDA Spikes Dictate Computations of Local Networks and Behavior? Front Mol Neurosci (2019)

  • Gambino F, Pagès S, Kehayas V, Baptista D, Tatti R, Carleton A, Holtmaat A
  • Sensory-evoked LTP driven by dendritic plateau potentials in vivo Nature (2014)

  • Pouchelon G, Gambino F, Bellone C, Telley L, Vitali I, Lüscher C, Holtmaat A, Jabaudon D
  • Modality-specific thalamocortical inputs instruct the identity of postsynaptic L4 neurons Nature (2014)

  • Gambino F, Holtmaat A
  • Spike-timing-dependent potentiation of sensory surround in the somatosensory cortex is facilitated by deprivation-mediated disinhibition Neuron (2012)

  • Gambino F, Holtmaat A
  • Synapses let loose for a change: inhibitory synapse pruning throughout experience-dependent cortical plasticity Neuron (2012)


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